Michael & Melody

Testimonial by Michael & Melody:

“Stephanie has been such a revelation. No one else we know have gotten a wedding planner before, but I’m so glad we hired Steph! My wife is a banker while I’m an entrepreneur – we didn’t really have the time or energy to think through the details of our wedding.

Steph was fantastic. She’s creative with a strong eye for details, and very professional. She really took the time to find out the quirks unique to our relationship and proposed an overarching theme for the whole wedding.  She often thought of a lot of things that we missed.

All in all, we’re superbly happy with the job Steph has done for us. Our friends kept saying we’ve “set the bar sky high” and that it will be a tough act to follow! Thanks Steph!”


Couple: Michael & Melody

Venue: Stellar Restaurant, 1-Altitude

Theme: Flight of Love

Services engaged through d’Love Affair:

  • Pre-wedding planning
  • Actual day coordination
  • Pre-wedding & actual day photographer
  • In-house florist
  • Decor consultant
  • Wedding cake designer
  • Personalized wedding favors

WOW! Factor: 

  • Unique wedding invite
  • Balloons for well-wishes
  • Customized M&Ms as wedding favors
  • Breathtaking view from the restaurant