Kenneth & Stephanie

 Testimonial by Kenneth & Stephanie:

“We were so thankful to have a wedding coordinator on our wedding day itself who ensured that everything ran smoothly & all the little problems that cropped up resolved without anybody coming to us with it. We had an absolutely fun & carefree day where all we needed to do was look beautiful (& handsome) & enjoy ourselves. Thank you so much for giving us a peace of mind & such a wonderful wedding to celebrate our love!”


Couple: Kenneth & Stephanie

Venue: Bottletree Park @ Khatib and Holiday Inn Orchard

Theme: Rock & Royal Wedding

WOW! Factor:

  • Pre-wedding photo shoot in Sweden and France
  • Bride marched-in on a horse
  • Dog in a tuxedo was the ring-bearer
  • Groom held a crystal ball scepter
  • Unity sands ceremony
  • Live rock band
  • Photobooth with props