About Us

d’Love Affair is a wedding planning company based in Singapore and was started with a simple vision, to give each couple a once-in-a-lifetime experience from the day they start their planning to the actual wedding celebrations, making it a personalized, intimate and enjoyable love journey when two becomes one.

d’Love Affair was born when I started planning for my own wedding. Just like everyone else, I wanted to have the perfect wedding – fun, unforgettable, special and a showcase of our individuality. That came at a price – endless hours spent researching on wedding services we required, time, and money, stress, tension and worry lines.  A high price that was not just in monetary terms, but also the time, emotions and energy spent that took a toll over time.

With starting d’Love Affair, it was aimed to give couples an option to engage a team dedicated to understanding their vision and ensuring that no detail, no matter how big or small, is overlooked. But above and beyond that, it is to give every to-be-wed couple their dream wedding, which would be uniquely theirs to have for the rest of their love journey. d’Love Affair believes in making dreams a reality – giving wings to wedding dreams.